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Bringing Passive Index Investing to Private Markets

NewVest's vision is to transform private markets investing and create solutions that make investing more efficient and accessible. 


Introducing NewVest

NewVest is an institutional fintech platform of index funds that provide passive exposure to private markets in the same manner that ETFs and Index Funds provide passive exposure to public markets.


Our no management fee funds seek to generate returns that emulate the historically attractive pooled returns of an asset or sub-asset class with significantly lower risk than investing in a single fund.

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Our Team

NewVest's leadership team has worked across private markets for an average of 20 years.  Our team's experience spans across the entire private markets spectrum, including investing, capital raising, investment banking, corporate law, and accounting.

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Our Solutions

Attractive returns

Lowers volatility & risk

No management fees

Optimizes portfolio construction

Increases efficiency

We offer a suite of index funds for private markets designed to passively invest in all funds within a given vintage year that meet specific criteria such as asset class or industry sector on a capital weighted basis.

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