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NewVest launches
Private Equity 50 Index Fund

About NewVest:
NewVest is an innovative, tech-enabled institutional platform of index funds designed to provide
investors with diversified, passive exposure to private market asset classes. NewVest’s product suite allows investors to access private markets in an efficient and scalable manner and supports their ability to optimize portfolio construction. The firm is headquartered in New York, with team members also in London and Tel Aviv and is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. For more information, please visit

Media contacts:

Jess Gill – Edelman Smithfield / +44 7980 864 247

Tim Quinn – Edelman Smithfield / +1 646 258 2308

  • PE 50 marks the first ever private markets index fund

  • PE 50 targets 50 of the largest PE funds in any given vintage period

  • Vehicle charges no management fee to investors

[London / New York] 31st January 2023 - NewVest is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural product, the Private Equity 50 Index Fund (“PE 50”), the first ever private markets index fund. NewVest’s mission is to transform private markets investing by helping to improve access to private markets and optimize portfolio construction for all investors and private markets investment programs.

The PE 50 is designed to allow investors to “buy the market” in private equity in an efficient and scalable manner. The PE 50 is anchored by leading institutional investors including insurance, pension, bank, endowment, and family office capital, as well as founders and senior industry professionals of leading, global private markets sponsors. The PE 50 has access to 50 of some of the largest funds in market managed by prominent, well-known private markets firms. NewVest will continue raising capital for the PE 50 and expects to launch additional products during the first half of 2023.


“The launch of the Private Equity 50 Index Fund marks a turning point, bringing to life our team’s vision of converging two of the greatest growth trends in finance over the last two decades – passive investing and private markets,” said Edward Talmor-Gera, NewVest’s Founder and CEO. “We are most grateful to our many supporters, and in particular our early adopter limited partners, who share our vision and believe that our products can complement actively managed portfolios. The entire team at NewVest is excited to serve the needs of investors - large and small, around the world - better than possible before.”

NewVest was founded on the principle of providing no management fee (carry only) products and
enabling low-cost, lower risk, passive investing in private markets. Its products formulaically allocate to the largest private funds within a specific asset class in a given vintage, with the goal of emulating pooled (capital weighted) returns. NewVest builds upon capabilities that already exist within the public markets and brings them to the private markets.


NewVest’s products are expected to expand and improve access to private markets for both institutional and individual investors, as well as accelerate the democratization of private markets globally.

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