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NewVest launches
Private Debt 50 Index Fund

About NewVest:
NewVest is an innovative, tech-enabled institutional platform of index funds designed to provide
investors with diversified, passive exposure to private market asset classes. NewVest’s product suite allows investors to access private markets in an efficient and scalable manner and supports their ability to optimize portfolio construction. The firm is headquartered in New York, with team members also in London and Tel Aviv and is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. For more information, please visit

Media contacts:

Jess Gill – Edelman Smithfield / +44 7980 864 247

  • Private Debt 50 Index is NewVest’s second product following the successful launch of the Private Equity 50 Index

  • Total $220m raised to date for equity and credit strategies

  • Investors are expected to benefit from attractive returns, lower risk, diversification and efficiency based on historical returns

  • Access to 50 of the largest private debt funds globally in one single holding

  • The NewVest vehicle charges no management fee to investors


[London / New York / Tel-Aviv] 9th May 2023 - NewVest is excited to announce the launch of its second product, the Private Debt 50 Index Fund (“PD 50”). The creation of PD 50 follows the successful launch of the first ever private markets index fund, the PE 50 Index Fund, earlier this year.

NewVest has closed on $220 million of capital for its first two flagship products. PD 50 is anchored by leading institutional investors including the largest financial institution in Israel as well as insurance, pension, bank balance sheet, university endowment and foundation capital. In addition, NewVest has raised capital from family offices, and founders and senior industry professionals of leading, global private markets sponsors.

NewVest will continue to raise capital for its two flagship products for Private Equity and for Private Debt throughout 2023. New products are expected to be launched for other private market asset classes such as infrastructure and Impact funds.

Private debt is a growing asset class, providing investors with portfolio diversification coupled with historical attractive returns, lower volatility than private equity, and an ongoing cash yield. PD 50 is a unique product designed to allow investors to “buy the market” in private debt in an efficient and scalable manner. The PD 50 seeks to provide investors a broad and diversified exposure across managers, geographies, sectors and strategies, including direct lending, mezzanine and specialty lending. NewVest has confirmed access to 50 of the largest private debt funds currently in the market, managed by leading GPs such as Golub, Pemberton and Bain Capital.

“We believe that the Private Debt 50 Index Fund is an innovative product that can help optimize investor portfolios, similar to fixed-income index funds in public markets. Through 50 underlying private debt funds, investors are expected, based on historical returns, to benefit from diversification, efficiency, and exposure to a large portion of the private debt asset class.” said Edward Talmor-Gera, NewVest’s Founder and CEO. “NewVest can be a solution for LPs who have never invested in private debt funds before, as well as for sophisticated and experienced LPs who can improve efficiencies and build more optimal portfolio construction strategies using a core-satellite approach. Just like in public markets.”

With no management fee (carry only) products, NewVest has created a first-of-its-kind platform of low-cost passive index funds for private markets. Each index fund targets investing in 50 of the largest private funds raising capital in an asset class in a given vintage period. Exposure to such a large part of the market is expected to emulate pooled (or capital weighted) returns of the relevant private markets asset class.

Wealthy individuals, subject to local regulatory requirements, have already started investing in NewVest through various channels, including structured products, certificates, WM platforms and an online digital feeder platform. “We believe that an index solution such as NewVest, with our partnership model, is an enabler of a better and easier way for people to access private markets. There is a lot of focus in the industry on democratization – and we expect to be underpinning the future trend globally!” announced Talmor-Gera on stage at recent industry conferences.

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